Lh why girls love sailors
Lh why girls love sailors poster

Why Girls Love Sailors is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 17 July 1927.


Oliver is first mate on the Merry Maiden, and described as "a bully, the nastiest crew member, after the captain of course". Willie Brisling is engaged to Nelly and they are in love. The captain leaves his ship, sees Nelly, and decides he wants her. Willie has a tattoo of a ship on his chest and shows it to the captain. The captain pours a jug of water down Willie's sweater and abducts Nelly. He takes Nelly to his ship, but Willie sneaks on board to rescue her. Oliver starts to look for Willie, whose last hope is to get rid of the crew, one by one. Willie disguises himself as a loose woman. The crew begin to fall for his charms. He calls one of the crewmen over, hits him with a cosh and knocks him out. Then he throws the cosh at Oliver, who thinks the crewman threw the cosh. Oliver throws the crewman overboard, this is repeated until all of the crew are in the sea.

Nelly is being harassed by the captain. The Captain takes a fancy to Willie, still in disguise. The captain's wife appears as Willie sits in the his lap. The captain's wife takes a gun and goes to shoot her husband. Willie stops her and takes off his wig. He says "this was a test to see if you really love your husband." The captain and his wife begin to make up. But then the captain indicates he's going to deal with Willie later. Willie is peeved, he opens the door and Nelly appears. He indicates the captain has been up to no good with Nelly and that four other loose women have already gone. The captain's wife is furious, Willie gives her the gun back. Willie and Nelly leave. There is a gunshot in the room. The wife, still angry, sees Willie and Nelly through a porthole and shoots them. Willie and Nelly's clothes fall off revealing their underwear.


  • Stan Laurel as Willie Brisling
  • Oliver Hardy as First mate
  • Viola Richard as Willie's Girl
  • Anita Garvin as Captain's wife
  • Malcolm Waite as Captain
  • Charles R. Althoff as Grandpa Brisling (uncredited)
  • Edgar Dearing as Amorous Sailor (uncredited)
  • Bobby Dunn as Bemused bit (uncredited)