Lh tit for tat
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Tit for Tat is a Laurel & Hardy sound short film released 5 January 1935. It is a sequel to Them Thar Hills.


Stan and Ollie establish an electrical goods store next door to Charlie Hall's grocery store. Hall, still sulking and suspicious from their previous encounter with the liquor-spiked well-water, mistakenly thinks that Hardy is making advances towards his wife, and destroys a few items in Stan and Ollie's shop. Stan and Ollie leave their shop, without closing their door, to wreak havoc in Hall's grocery. While they are there, a shoplifter removes items from their store.At first he merely carries the items out by hand a few at a time, but he begins taking more and more as their confrontations with Hall escalate . Having come and gone unhindered several times, he boldly returns with a wheelbarrow. A policeman eventually comes and straightens out the brouhaha, but when Stan and Ollie return to their store, there's nothing left. The shoplifter has returned a final time with a huge moving-van, and taken everything away.


  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • Mae Busch as Grocer's Wife
  • Charlie Hall as Mr. Hall - Grocer
  • Baldwin Cooke as Customer
  • Bobby Dunn as Customer
  • Jack Hill as Passerby
  • James C. Morton as Policeman
  • Viola Richard as Passerby