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The Rogue Song is a Laurel & Hardy sound short film released 10 May 1930.


In Russia in the year 1910, Yegor, a dashing, singing, bandit leader meets Princess Vera at a mountain inn. They fall in love, but the relationship is shattered when Yegor kills Vera's brother, Prince Serge, for raping his sister, Nadja, and driving her to suicide. Yegor kidnaps Vera, forcing her to live a life of lowly servitude among the bandits. Vera manages to outwit Yegor, who is captured by soldiers and flogged. Vera begs Yegor's forgiveness. Although still in love with each other, they realize they cannot be together, at least for the time being.


  • Lawrence Tibbett as Yegor
  • Catherine Dale Owen as Princess Vera
  • Nance O'Neil as Princess Alexandra
  • Judith Vosselli as Tatiana
  • Ullrich Haupt as Prince Serge
  • Elsa Alsen as Yegor's mother
  • Florence Lake as Nadja
  • Lionel Bellmore as Ossman
  • Wallace MacDonald as Hassan
  • Kate Price as Petrovna
  • James Bradbury Jr. as Azamat
  • Stan Laurel as Ali-Bek
  • Oliver Hardy as Murza-Bek