Lh the hoose-gow

The Hoose-gow is a Laurel & Hardy sound short film released 16 November 1929.


Stan and Ollie arrive as new inmates at a prison, though they tell a prison officer they were only watching the hold-up raid. After attempting to escape, then surrendering after the officer shoots them in the seats of their pants, they are sent to dig ditches with other convicts on work detail. After sitting down to eat at the officer's table and chopping down a tree being used as a watchtower, they accidentally puncture the radiator in the prison inspector's car with a pickaxe and then try to patch it with rice on the advice of another convict. The rice cooks and spews out after the engine is started. This starts a rice-throwing melee with the visiting governor and his party.


  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • Tiny Sandford as Warden
  • Jimmy Finlayson as Governor
  • Charlie Hall as Treetop Lookout
  • Leo Willis as Leo
  • Ellinor Vanderveer as Governor's guest
  • Retta Palmer as Governor's guest
  • Sam Lufkin as Prison camp officer
  • Leo Sulky as Prison guard
  • Dick Sutherland as Cook
  • Eddie Dunn as Prisoner
  • Chet Brandenburg as Prisoner
  • Ed Brandenburg as Prisoner
  • Baldwin Cooke as Prisoner
  • Charles Dorety as Prisoner
  • Ham Kinsey as Prisoner
  • Tiny Ward as Prisoner
  • Blackie Whiteford as Prisoner