Lh putting pants on philip
Lh putting pants on philip poster

Putting Pants on Philip is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 3 December 1927. It marks their first appearance as a comedy team.


Piedmont Mumblethunder, seeing Philip for the first time, tells a friend that he pities whoever has to collect this character, only to be upset when he himself turns out to be that person. Piedmont is embarrassed at the effeminacy of his kilt-wearing Scottish nephew Philip. At one point Philip loses his underwear and, pursuing a pretty girl, steps on a ventilator grate. This blows his kilt up which results in several women fainting.

Piedmont then takes Philip to a tailor to be fitted for trousers. Philip leaves the tailor to continue pursuing the woman he saw earlier. Catching up to her, he takes off his kilt to cover a puddle, the woman leaves and Piedmont steps on the kilt and falls into a covered mud hole.


  • Stan Laurel as Philip
  • Oliver Hardy as Piedmont J. Mumblethunder
  • Charles A. Bachman as Officer
  • Ed Brandenberg as Bus conductor
  • Harvey Clark as Tailor
  • Dorothy Coburn as Girl chased by Philip
  • Sam Lufkin as Ship's doctor