Lh men owar
Lh men owar poster

Men O'War is a Laurel & Hardy sound short film released 29 June 1929.


Stan and Ollie are sailors on leave. They happen upon two attractive girls strolling through a park and invite them for a soda, but soon realize that they only have enough money for three. Ollie tries to explain this to Stan, but he cannot grasp that either he or Ollie will have to forgo a soda. They finally purchase three sodas, planning to share one between them, but the price is twice what they thought. Stan swallows both shares, so Ollie gets him back by leaving him to pay the check. Realizing he doesn't have enough and that he has nothing to lose, Stan deposits a coin in a slot machine in the soda shop and hits the jackpot.

With excess money in hand, the boys rent a rowboat with the ladies, but battle with other boaters on the lake, with various canoes getting overturned. The clerk alerts a policeman to the mayhem they are causing. Eventually all the people who have fallen into the water clamber into Stan and Ollie's boat, which causes it to sink.


  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • James Finlayson as soda clerk
  • Anne Cornwall as Stan's girlfriend
  • Gloria Greer as Ollie's girlfriend
  • Charlie Hall as Canoer
  • Baldwin Cooke as Canoer
  • Pete Gordon as Bicycle rider
  • Harry Bernard as Policeman