Lh come clean
Lh come clean poster

Come Clean is a Laurel & Hardy sound short film released 19 September 1931.


Mr. and Mrs. Hardy wish to have a quiet night in their apartment, but are interrupted when Mr. and Mrs. Laurel pay a visit. After Stan says he'd like to go for ice cream, he and Ollie go out to fetch some. On their way back home, they prevent a shrewish woman named Kate from committing suicide. Kate is ungrateful and makes threats against the boys unless they look after her. They spend a frantic evening trying to keep her out of sight of their wives. Kate is eventually hidden in the Hardys' bathroom with Stan.

Kate is soon exposed and arrested as a wanted criminal by a policeman summoned by the apartment-block doorman. Stan is informed that he is entitled to a $1,000 reward for her capture. When Stan suggests spending the money on ice cream, Ollie washes him down the bath plughole.



  • The opening scene was a reworking from their silent film Should Married Men Go Home?
  • The film was later reworked into Brooklyn Orchid, one of Hal Roach's Streamliners, made in 1942 and starring William Bendix and Joe Sawyer.
  • Linda Loredo, who plays Mrs. Laurel, had appeared in foreign-language versions of several previous Laurel & Hardy short films. This was her only part in an English language Laurel & Hardy film. She died of peritonitis shortly after the film's completion at age 24.