Lh call of the cuckoo

Call of the Cuckoo is a Laurel & Hardy silent short film released 15 October 1927.


Papa Gimplewart exchanges his house, in order to escape the antics of inmates of the lunatic asylum next door. Unfortunately, the new house was built poorly and quickly, in just two days. After several disasters occur, Gimplewart asks "Is there anything else can happen?" He then realizes that the inmates from the asylum have just moved in next door.


  • Max Davidson as Papa Gimplewart
  • Jimmy Finlayson
  • Charley Chase
  • Lillian Elliott
  • Stan Laurel
  • Oliver Hardy
  • Spec O'Donnell
  • Leo Willis
  • Frank Brownlee
  • Edgar Dearing
  • Otto Fries
  • Charlie Hall
  • Fay Holderness
  • Charles Meakin
  • Lyle Tayo