Lh busy bodies
Lh busy bodies poster

Busy Bodies is a Laurel & Hardy sound short film released 7 October 1933.


Stan and Ollie are in high spirits as they drive in an old Model T to their new jobs at the sawmill. Stan turns on the car radio, a wind-up phonograph stashed under the car hood. At the sawmill, they repeatedly walk into planks of wood. Starting work, Stan soon traps Ollie's hands in a window frame. After freeing him they trick a shop worker into smoking despite a "No Smoking" sign. Stan then tears a strip off Ollie's pants with a plane and in the resulting 'tit for tat' dips a paintbrush in glue and sticks it onto Ollie's chin. Finding it is not possible to pull it off he prepares like a barber and shaves it with a plane. Ollie then gets propelled through a ventilator duct and out of an attic vent port.

Stan climbs a ladder to help him out. A barrel of shellac is kicked down the ventilator shaft and knocks Ollie out of the vent port, the ladder topples over with them both on it. Down below, two men see the ladder falling towards them. One falls into some whitewash while the other hides in a shed, but the duo crash onto the shed, demolishing it. As Stan helps Ollie out of the wreckage, there is a knocking from beneath the door. The man they help out proves to be their foreman, the one who sought cover in the shed. They beat a hasty retreat. The foreman started to run after them, but was crowned by the barrel coming out of the vent port. Attempting to flee, their car gets sawn in two lengthwise by a large band saw whilst they remain seated in it. The two fall out of the collapsing wreckage. Laurel finds the phonograph still intact and plays a record. Ollie, unimpressed, chases Stan.


  • Stan Laurel as Stan
  • Oliver Hardy as Ollie
  • Dick Gilbert as Shoveler
  • Charlie Hall as Shop Worker
  • Tiny Sandford as Shop Foreman
  • Charley Young as Shop Worker